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Aboutique stay near the Ganga

The Kashi Residency: Tranquil riverside retreat near Ganges, blending spiritual ambiance with modern luxury for a calm and relaxing stay.

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Our commitment goes beyond providing a room; it’s about creating an experience that resonates with the calm and rich heritage of Varanasi. With personalized service and a blend of tradition and modernity, The Kashi Residency is more than a hotel—it’s a destination where every stay is a spiritual odyssey, leaving you refreshed and inspired by the spiritual aura of the city.”

Clean and sanitized rooms

Your safety is our priority. We uphold rigorous cleanliness standards to ensure a secure and healthy environment.

In-house kitchen for your cravings

Satisfy cravings with our in-house kitchen, serving delectable delights. Indulge in a culinary experience that delights taste buds effortlessly. We serve Veg and Non-Veg food items. 

Guest policy


Guest check-in policy

Upon check-in, all guests are required to furnish a valid government ID. International guests must provide a valid passport and visa for the verification process. The primary guest must be 18+ years or older.


Local ID not accepted

Local ID is not accepted, except in emergencies or for valid reasons. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in ensuring a smooth and secure stay experience for all our guests.


Visitors Policy

Visitors are not permitted in the room without prior approval. ID is mandatory at the reception for access. Your cooperation ensures a secure and comfortable stay experience for all guests.


Weapon policy

No weapons of any kind are allowed on the property or inside rooms for the safety and security of all guests


No smoking campus

No smoking on the campus, but a designated smoking zone is available on the terrace for those who wish to smoke.


Quite hours

Please keep calm and respect the quiet hours between 10:00 PM to 08:00 AM for a peaceful and enjoyable stay experience.

5 stars25+ rooms

We are located at Assi Ghat, the place where Tulsi Das spend time writing the famous poem “Shri Ramchatritra Manas“

Choose from a wide range of luxury rooms.

Client's speak

  • Rahul’s Varanasi monsoon getaway was pure magic. Amidst rain-kissed ghats, he and friends relished boat rides, and temple visits, creating indelible memories.

    Group Traveler
  • Pooja, a solo traveler, had a blast staying at The Kashi Residency hotel. Her delightful two-week adventure in Varanasi was simply amazing!

    Pooja Gupta
    Solo Traveler
  • Chetan embarked on another spiritual journey to Varanasi, this time with his family. A soulful experience creating cherished moments together.

    Solo Traveler

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